Welcome to our photo gallery. Here you can find a selection of pictures from our adventures. As you can see, we participate in a wide range of activities, from camping, to boating, to flying. 

The photos displayed here are only brief glimpses of our events, as the Leaders are usually too busy organising the Scouts and running the activities to take many pictures. If you have any photos that we could use to advertise what we do and to act as a memory aid when looking back over past events, then please let me know and I can add it to the gallery. 

Young Leader whitewater training 2019

posted 12 Aug 2019, 12:09 by   [ updated 9 Sep 2019, 11:09 by Zak Warren ]

The young leaders have put in a huge amount of effort in helping with the Scouts and leading them in a range of different activities. As a reward for all their effort, and to help push their existing skills, we took them for some introductory whitewater training. 

We left Portchester early, kayaks securely attached to the roof bars, and set off to the Thames. After a brief warm up paddle up the River Wey, we came across our first play spot. We discussed safety and tactics, then set off with a couple of demonstrations. With nerves building, the young leaders took to the water and ran the weirs. 

The day continued with a mixture of flat water paddling, discussions, and opportunities to test their skills on moving water. Judging by the smiles, we may have kindled a new love of rivers! 

Introduction to moving water

posted 13 Jul 2019, 04:03 by   [ updated 9 Sep 2019, 11:10 by Zak Warren ]

Ellen MacArthur Troop was joined by our friends from 2nd Portchester on the River Wey for an introduction to moving water. After spending nearly twelve weeks working on the British Canoeing Discover and then Explore awards, the Scouts were ready to put their new skills into practice. 

We arrived early to load up the vans and the trailers with all the boats and equipment we'd need, then hit the road. After launching from Stoke Lock, we split into two groups and paddled in opposite directions. Our mission was to explore the natural course of the river, which split off in several places from the main navigation. 

On these side loops, we discovered higher flows, eddies, standing waves, and other moving water features. The scouts then had the chance to have a go at ferry gliding, s-turns, and even a little surfing. 

At the end of the day, we met up again to share stories and delicious barbecue food! 

Fareham Creek Regatta 2019

posted 18 Jun 2019, 12:02 by   [ updated 9 Sep 2019, 11:10 by Zak Warren ]

On a cool and overcast morning we arrived at 2nd Fareham HQ bearing the coveted Oar of Fareham on our shoulders. This trophy, a sign of a troop's pulling prowess, has been raced over between the two groups since the late 1960s. Ellen MacArthur Troop had held it for two years and were nervous over retaining it for a third year, something that had never been done before. 2nd Fareham were desperate to see it returned to their HQ. 

But first we enjoyed a series of fun Coypu races. Both troops formed mixed teams and demonstrated their skills in the under 14 and under 12.5 categories. These allowed the scouts to work together across the groups and makes the whole event a much friendlier experience. We also enjoyed tucking into 2nd Fareham's barbecue. Always a treat and one we look forward to every year! 

After lunch, it was time for 2nd Fareham to challenge the reigning champions for the Oar of Fareham. It was another tight race at first, but soon the Scouts of Ellen MacArthur pulled their Gig ahead by a comfortable distance and to victory! To retain the oar for a third year is a tremendous feat and one we're very proud of. We'll now be renaming the trophy to the Oar of Portchester! 

This year's regatta even made the Portsmouth News 

Council Session 2019

posted 18 Jun 2019, 10:46 by

With hushed voices we shuffled into the council chamber in Portsmouth Guild Hall. The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth had invited all the Sea Scout Troops in local area to take part in a mock council session to show us how local government does business. Ellen MacArthur took their places on the benches alongside our friends from 2nd Fareham and 1st Portsmouth and were promptly brought to order. The mayor briefly described proceedings before the first item of business was brought forward. 

The Scouts then spent time debating the merits of the new sea wall defenses before taking a vote on the issue and all the proposed amendments. 

All too soon the council was brought to a close and we were given the opportunity to quiz the mayor about his role, the roles of the council, and the processes of local government. The Scouts gave him a good grilling before the parents arrived to take them home. It was a great evening and one we won't soon forget! 

Visit to Ineos Team UK 2019

posted 7 May 2019, 09:38 by   [ updated 9 Sep 2019, 11:05 by Zak Warren ]

Ellen MacArthur Troop were invited to visit Ineos Team UK, the home of Ben Ainsley's America's Cup team. After a tour of the building, we were taken up to the Tech Deck where we learnt about the America's Cup, the team, and their state-of-the-art sailing boats. 

We had the opportunity to explore the Tech Deck. This included boat design terminals, a piece of the carbon-fibre hull of last year's entry, and VR sailing experiences. 

We then learnt all about sails and how they worked. This included designing and building our own sails, which we tested in the wind tunnel. There was even a chance to test a model of Ben Ainsley to see how he fared as a sail! 

Frostbite camp 2018

posted 6 Jan 2019, 07:13 by Zak Warren   [ updated 6 Jan 2019, 07:16 ]

We returned to Graffham in the South Downs for our annual Frostbite Camp. This year was much milder than last year with temperatures well above zero. However, to balance things out, it was raining heavily when we arrived. We were undeterred and hurriedly pitched our mess tent, huddling inside to keep our kit dry and our lunch warm. 

Using some of our Scouting ingenuity, we stretched out the door as a porch and extended it with a tarp. This gave us a wider working space, allowing the Scouts to pitch their hike tents undercover and to keep the insides dry until the flysheet was on and ready. They then ran their pre-pitched tent out to their chosen plot and pegged it in. 

It was then to digging the fire pits, gathering wood, and starting our fires. Once all the fires were going and we had plenty of embers, we could cook our dinner. During this time, we learnt knife, axe, and saw skills, as well as the importance of preparation before using a striker to start a fire. It might be the fun bit but, without plenty of wood, the fire soon went out! 

All too soon it was time to go home. Despite it being only two days, we managed to pack in plenty of fun and adventure! 

London Trip 2018

posted 11 Nov 2018, 08:23 by Zak Warren   [ updated 11 Nov 2018, 08:25 ]

Read Tom's report on Ellen MacArthur Troop's trip to London and the Houses of Parliament below: 

After spending the previous Monday planning our trip, we met outside the scout hut and headed up to London. After reaching the South London Scout Centre (SLSC) we split into two teams and navigated our way to the local train station. We traveled into Central London and worked out which tube line would take us to the Science Museum.

We spent the morning of the Sunday exploring the Science Museum, experiencing different activities and activities. We learnt about aviation and technology through hands on experiments. In the afternoon we explored the Natural History Museum, trying out the earthquake simulator and seeing an animatronic T-Rex as we made our way through the exhibits. The girls especially enjoyed the diamond exhibit.

We walked to Hyde Park from the Museums to have a rest but soon we had traveled up to the Princess Diane Memorial Park to burn off some steam. The park had a pirate and boating theme which was perfect for the scouts and we all enjoyed climbing all over the huge pirate ship in the very centre, including our leaders!!!

We caught the bus onto regent street and from there walked down past all the shops into Piccadilly Circus. We watched some street performers and enjoyed our pizza before we moved onto St Paul’s Cathedral to visit the nine Harry Potter wands between the Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge which linked nicely with our Harry Potter themed Summer Camp. We then traveled over the Millennium Bridge (which was attacked during Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince) and from there traveled back on the bus to the SLSC and promptly went to bed.

The following morning, we woke up excited and packed up very quickly. We made our way back into London and then onto Downing Street where we met our local MP Suella Fernandes who had kindly arranged for us to go inside Downing Street. We took photos with her and the door and we even manged to get a photo with the security guard who was stood outside Downing Street.

From there we walked to the Houses of Parliament where we were toured round the entire complex and got to see where all are laws and big decisions are debated. We also visited the Jewel Tower, one of the few buildings to survive the Great Fire of London where we got to see where Henry the Eighth stored all of his possessions.

We then explored Leicester Square and the Covent garden market where we watched a street performer and then we went to the Sky Garden and watched the sunset from one of the Highest points in London.

We made our way back to the SLSC and traveled out of London and arrived back at our HQ at the end of an amazing adventure around London. 

Summer camp 2018

posted 2 Oct 2018, 12:15 by Zak Warren

We returned to one of our favourite campsites near Pangbourne-on-Thames for another adventure-filled week. Due to popular demand, this camp had a Harry Potter theme! On arrival, the Scouts burst free from the minibus and joined the leaders in the marquee. Here they took it in turns to wear the sorting hat to be placed into their patrols. As we had three patrols, each one was a school: Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and Hogwarts. 

Each day saw us on the water, hiking through the forbidden forest, taking part in wide games, and cooking for our patrols. However, we also had several special events! 

Monday was the day of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, a series of three competitions between the three patrols. First was "The Dragon and The Egg". Each patrol picked two names out of the sorting hat, which named their dragons! These were two leaders who had to defend their kinder eggs from the patrol, all in kayaks. Second was the "Royal River Relay", where each patrol had to cross the river by stand-up paddle board. However, only two could be on the board at once; one standing and the other paddling with their hands. Finally, we had "The Maze", which took the form of a hike through the woods following a series of clues, riddles, and puzzles. 

Tuesday saw the patrol leaders set out on their expedition. They packed the hike tents, food, trangias, and other stuff they'd need for a night away from the main site into dry bags then loaded up the gig. Soon they were off upriver. The rest of us took the opportunity to learn about lighting fires and using knives, axes and saws. We then had a go at backwoods cooking. While the PLs rowed back on Wednesday, the rest of us set off on a challenging hike through the woods, over fields and around livestock. 

On Thursday, we all clambered aboard the gig and the coypus and rowed up to Pangbourne (or Hogsmeade as it had become known!). Once there, the Scouts were free to explore the little town and spend their pocket money in the local shops. With bags and pockets full (mainly with sweets), we gathered on the riverside and had our fish and chip dinner watching the boaters and ducks drift past. Back at camp, we then celebrated the week with our traditional campfire. There were many songs and sketches, some old favourites and some were new tales. 

Friday was the day of the Quidditch cup. Each patrol took to their kayaks and vied to get the quaffle into their goal, while navigating bludgers and keeping their eyes peeled for the golden snitch. After a thrilling final, we gathered round the fire for grand barbecue feast. 

The last day arrived all too soon and there was much disappointment at having to leave. This camp had quickly become know as the best camp ever! 

Fareham Creek Regatta 2018

posted 28 Jul 2018, 12:56 by Zak Warren   [ updated 28 Jul 2018, 12:57 ]

We returned to 2nd Fareham HQ for the annual Fareham Creek Regatta. Last year, Ellen MacArthur Troop had won the much coveted Oar of Fareham so, this year, the Scouts were keen to defend their title. 

Most of the day was spent in mixed teams, taking part in a series of races. This makes the regatta much friendlier than all the others, as everyone gets to take part in lots of races while minimizing the tribal nature of other competitions. 

The final race of the day was the gig race between 2nd Fareham and 3rd Portchester for the Oar of Fareham. This time proved a very close race, with both teams taking the lead at different points of the course. Finally, the turns gave 3rd Portchester the edge and let them take victory once again. Both teams showed excellent spirit, shaking hands and congratulating each other on a good race. 

All that was left to do was the medal presentation. All the Scouts came away with a lot of metal work and, one team at least, had to find a place for an oar! 

Survival camp 2018

posted 9 Jun 2018, 11:27 by Zak Warren

We joined forces with 2nd Fareham Sea Scouts to learn about surviving in the wilderness. On arrival at Everett’s Copse, the Scouts had to think through the most important things they needed. Water, food, fire, and were all good suggestions. Though we could probably still live without Wi-Fi!

We then worked through the list over the course of the weekend. First Ben gave us a very informative talk on using knives, axes and saws, which we put into practice when whittling some sticks. Then we moved onto lighting fires, which proved tricky as everything was so wet. The Scouts had several successes, but struggled to keep it alight for long. In the end, with hunger building, the leaders showed the Scouts how it’s done by building up a fire ready for cooking on.

Next we moved onto building shelters. Some went it alone; others teamed up and pooled resources. We had lots of hammocks, bivvies and even a good attempt at a bivouac built of natural resources.

Over the rest of the weekend, the Scouts had a go at different methods of purifying water, signalling for help and cooking their food with limited utensils. 

A big congratulations to Elvin, a leader at 2nd Fareham, who achieved his Nights Away permit on this camp! He'll now be able to run his own camping trip with the Scouts. 

Check out the photos here 

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