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Clean for the Queen at Fort Nelson 2016

posted 11 Mar 2016, 06:08 by Zak Warren   [ updated 10 Dec 2016, 06:08 ]
Read on to find out what Pete has to say about the recent visit to Fort Nelson: 

As part of the National Clean for the Queen event preparing the Nation for the Queen's 90th Birthday, sixteen of our Scouts got in touch with the Royal Armouries Museum based at Fort Nelson to see if there was anything they could do to improve the Fort for future visitors. In the morning we had a guided tour around the fort where we learnt lots about it's history and the historical importance of the chain of five forts along Portsdown Hill. They were initially built to protect Portsmouth Harbour against the French, who never invaded, and then later used during both World Wars. Fort Nelson is of particular importance to our Group as it is situated directly above Portchester, keeping a watch on the area that many of us live in. Historically, it also recruited a large number of volunteers from the Portchester area.

We then stopped for lunch and were provided with Fort Nelson Ration Packs before going to watch a live gun firing in the parade area of the fort. After lunch we were briefed about the tunnel to the North Mortar Battery, which we had come to restore. After the short brief, our Scouts then discussed options and agreed how to complete the task of placing a large amount of aggregate along the tunnel to make it safer for future visitors. Two of our Scouts also decided to remove a large amount of graffiti from a Disappearing Gun Emplacement that they had seen while on our the tour of the fort.

The Scouts completed both tasks in record time and the staff couldn't believe how quickly it was completed and that it was to such a high standard. As a reward, the Scouts were given a hot drink from the cafe. The work that was done by Ellen MacArthur Troop has helped significantly in making Fort Nelson a more accessible place for future visitors, especially those with disabilities or young families. It has also helped to improve the appearance of the fort along with preserving it for future generations.

All the Scouts thoroughly enjoyed themselves while at the same time giving back to their community. The staff at the Royal Armouries Museum are already thinking about other opportunities for the Scouts to get more involved with. We're currently planning another visit back to Fort Nelson in April 2016 where the Scouts can assist with guided tours around Fort Nelson to other Scout Groups, passing on their new found knowledge and completing their Local Knowledge Activity Badge