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Cleavel Point 2015

posted 22 Aug 2015, 12:49 by Zak Warren   [ updated 10 Dec 2016, 06:21 ]
Camp overlooking Poole
Our summer camp in 2015 was to Cleavel Point. Here the Scouts and Explorers got to have a go at a wide range of water activities, including canoeing, kayaking, power boating, pulling and sailing. They also experienced a variety of traditional Scout and other land-based activities.

The first day saw us waking up early to get on the water for 7 am. The Scouts quickly learnt how different Poole Harbour is to our home waters. With less than a metre of water in most of the bay, they found out how important it was to gauge the depth when travelling. The advantage of such shallow waters is that it brought a double high tide, allowing us to stay on the water for much longer than normal.

The Scouts went on a trip to Corfe Castle on the second day. They then took the steam railway to Swanage and enjoyed some shopping and fish and chips for dinner. Meanwhile, the Explorers took their chosen Leaders to a swimming pool and then a pub lunch! 

On Tuesday everyone set out to Brownsea Island, the birthplace of Scouting. We took the vast majority of the Scout fleet and set out with the tide. On route we saw several large jellyfish swimming around the islands. Fortunately, no one capsized! Once there, we set up the barbeques on the beach and explored the island while waiting for the tide to turn.

What's for lunch?

The PLs and APLs set off on their expedition on Wednesday. They rowed their coypu northwards across the harbour to a nice sandy beach to have lunch. In the afternoon they battled against wind and waves back towards Brownsea Island. Here they were tasked with building their own shelters out of ferns, branches and whatever else they could find, while the Leaders set up the canoes and tarp to camp under.

Whilst on the island we befriended 11th Medway Scout Group. We ran a water activities taster session for them, which most had never done before as a land-based Group. In return, they invited us to join in with their wide game and the birthday celebrations for one of their Scouts. 

Pulling races begin
Thursday was a rainy and windy day. It saw the expeditionary team say their farewells to 11th Medway and return to Cleavel Point. The Explorers, meanwhile, undertook an all-day hike as the weather was too uncertain for a canoe expedition. The evening was spent backwoods cooking and then sharing songs and stories around the campfire.

The week concluded with the Camp Olympics, where Scouts had a go racing all the different types of boat on camp. In the afternoon we began striking camp, ready to return home on Saturday. The Leaders also transported some of the boats and equipment to a nearby campsite, as James Cook Troop were beginning their summer camp the next day.

It was another successful summer camp enjoyed by all the Scouts, Explorers and Leaders, despite a bit of wind and rain! 

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