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Climbing 2017

posted 1 Feb 2018, 13:27 by Zak Warren
We gathered at Lyons Copse in eager anticipation, where we were greeted by the Leaders of 10th Fareham Scouts. They split us into three groups, kitted up, then took the first group to the climbing wall. The rest of us took the opportunity to test ourselves on the obstacle course and explore the woods. 

A few weeks before, we’d taken the Scouts of 10th Fareham afloat in our kayaks and pulling boats. These turned out to be the hottest days of the year, so they all seemed particularly keen to capsize! In return, they kindly offered to show us their specialist skill: climbing! This was a new dimension for many of our Scouts, who had kept their feet firmly on the ground or floating in the sea! 

Some of the Scouts took to it with ease. Others needed a little encouragement to overcome their fear of dangling off a rope at great height. We were really impressed that they showed courage, facing their fears, and scaling the wall. A true demonstration of one of our main Scouting values! 

A big thank you to 10th Fareham! We hope to work with you again soon!