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Council Session 2019

posted 18 Jun 2019, 10:46 by
With hushed voices we shuffled into the council chamber in Portsmouth Guild Hall. The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth had invited all the Sea Scout Troops in local area to take part in a mock council session to show us how local government does business. Ellen MacArthur took their places on the benches alongside our friends from 2nd Fareham and 1st Portsmouth and were promptly brought to order. The mayor briefly described proceedings before the first item of business was brought forward. 

The Scouts then spent time debating the merits of the new sea wall defenses before taking a vote on the issue and all the proposed amendments. 

All too soon the council was brought to a close and we were given the opportunity to quiz the mayor about his role, the roles of the council, and the processes of local government. The Scouts gave him a good grilling before the parents arrived to take them home. It was a great evening and one we won't soon forget!