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District and county competitions 2016

posted 4 Mar 2016, 10:41 by Zak Warren
Pondering his winning moves
Well done to our very successful entrants to the district and county competitions. The invitations were sent out across the district and Ellen MacArthur Troop heeded the call with Scouts entering both the chess and cooking competitions. We were then invited to take part in the county fairtrade cooking competition, which the Scouts also enthusiastically entered. 

You sunk my battleship
District chess competition
Both entrants to the chess competition did very well, reaching the semi-finals for their respective groupings. This means that they're joint third in the entire district! They even learnt several new strategies and came away keen to apply them next year. 

Cooking for the district competitionDistrict cooking competition
A team of six Scouts entered the district cooking competition. Here they were given set ingredients and equipment and had two hours to create a three course meal. The team rose to the challenge, making calzone for starters, curry for the main course and rice pudding for dessert. After presenting their work to the stern gazes of the judges, they came third overall. However they did achieve the highest marks for both teamwork and creativity, clearly demonstrating what Scouts is all about. 

Table layout for the county competitionCounty cooking competition
The team of four traveled up to Basingstoke to represent 3rd Portchester at the county fairtrade cooking competition. As well as being judged on their cooking, the Scouts were scored on their posters and the proportion of fairtrade produce they included. All the Groups presented a good selection of products, including some more unusual fairtrade items such as candles and washing up gloves. Again the team from Ellen MacArthur Troop came third, with very high praise for their poster. 

Ready for dinnerThis was the first year that Scouts from Ellen MacArthur Troop had entered these competitions and they did a very good job representing 3rd Portchester. They displayed a consistently high standard, achieving third place in every competition! They even fended off Scouts, from other Groups, who had taken part in previous years.