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District digital games 2016

posted 9 Feb 2016, 10:42 by Zak Warren   [ updated 10 Dec 2016, 06:02 ]
3rd Portchester's Ellen MacArthur Troop invited Scouts from across the district for a special set of wide games. Troops from 2nd Fareham and 10th Fareham heeded the call, giving an impressive total turnout of around fifty young people and ten Leaders. 

The teams await
Unfortunately, the wrath of Storm Imogen forced a quick change of plan. All was not lost, however. The Scouts were redirected to 3rd Portchester's HQ, mixed into eight teams and took part in a range of not-so-wide games. These had a digital theme, so, as a bonus, all those that took part achieved their digital maker stage 1 badge

The SPLs did a good job in setting up a tricky obstacle course to start the evening. Each team had to guide one of their members, who was blindfolded, through the course while being timed. This gave them an idea of how a robot responds to commands; doing exactly as they're told even if that means walking by an obstacle. 

Next, the teams invented a new game on paper with a variety of rules and objectives. They also designed a website to advertise their game. After presenting these to another group, and talking about the accessories you can attach to a computer, the teams had all completed their badge. 

To round up the evening, everyone mixed together again to play a couple more games organised by our SPLs. Despite the bad weather outside, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We're looking forward to seeing the other Troops again when we reorganise the wide game on a day without a storm!