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Expedition to Langstone Harbour 2015

posted 7 Sep 2015, 07:57 by Zak Warren   [ updated 10 Dec 2016, 06:18 ]
Taking a rest on the beach
For this year's expedition we decided to journey to Langstone Harbour to look for seals. Following the talk on marine mammals by
ORCA, the Scouts were eager to see some in real life. Fortunately, we knew just the place: an area of sandbanks in Langstone Harbour where a colony of seals like to haul out. 

We set off from Portchester Castle at sunrise and headed to the motorway bridge in a fleet of kayaks, the gig and a coypu. We took a quick rest at the jack and swapped boats, then headed off through the backwaters north of Portsmouth. This took us under several low bridges, until we reached Langstone Harbour. Here we stopped off on the beach and started preparing our barbecue lunch. 

Setting off on part two
Splitting into small groups, we took it in turns to look for the seals. We were lucky and spotted one resting on a sandbank. Soon we were joined by another that swam up to take a look at its strange visitors. After satisfying its curiosity, it hauled itself up on the same sandbank for a rest. 

We left the seals in peace and returned to base for our lunch. As the tide turned, it was time to return home. We loaded up our boats and set off, back under the bridges and towards the castle. 

After another exciting, and long, day we were all looking forward to returning home and getting some sleep!