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Fairtrade cooking competition 2018

posted 18 Mar 2018, 07:38 by Zak Warren
Photo courtesy of Gill Walton
A team of four Scouts from Ellen MacArthur Troop travelled all the way up to Basingstoke to represent 3rd Portchester in the county cooking competition. This is an annual event used to explore some of the issues around Fairtrade produce.

In preparation for the competition, the Scouts planned a menu, shopped for ingredients and created a poster advertising Fairtrade produce. On arrival at the competition kitchen, the Scouts eagerly set to work on their three course meal, including as many Fairtrade ingredients as possible.

After a grueling couple of hours, the judges sampled the food from every team. As the winners were announced, the Scouts of Ellen MacArthur Troop were overjoyed to find they’d come second place and were awarded a trophy to celebrate their success! Congratulations! 

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