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Fareham Creek Regatta 2018

posted 28 Jul 2018, 12:56 by Zak Warren   [ updated 28 Jul 2018, 12:57 ]
We returned to 2nd Fareham HQ for the annual Fareham Creek Regatta. Last year, Ellen MacArthur Troop had won the much coveted Oar of Fareham so, this year, the Scouts were keen to defend their title. 

Most of the day was spent in mixed teams, taking part in a series of races. This makes the regatta much friendlier than all the others, as everyone gets to take part in lots of races while minimizing the tribal nature of other competitions. 

The final race of the day was the gig race between 2nd Fareham and 3rd Portchester for the Oar of Fareham. This time proved a very close race, with both teams taking the lead at different points of the course. Finally, the turns gave 3rd Portchester the edge and let them take victory once again. Both teams showed excellent spirit, shaking hands and congratulating each other on a good race. 

All that was left to do was the medal presentation. All the Scouts came away with a lot of metal work and, one team at least, had to find a place for an oar!