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Flaming arrows

posted 27 Sep 2015, 09:49 by Zak Warren   [ updated 7 Nov 2015, 08:32 ]

The Scouts got to experience some living history on their Troop evening. Tasked with building ballistae, they set to work lashing canes together to form a stable tripod. This gave them the opportunity to practice their knots, lashings and pioneering skills for an important purpose. 
Preparing the flaming arrow
Once they were happy with their ballista, the Scouts were issued with their bungee cord. They then had to build a firing mechanism and put it to the test with some garden canes. 

As the light faded, everyone was issued with canes, cotton wool and rags with which to construct some arrows. When darkness set in, we aligned the ballistae alongside the castle moat. Each Scout then loaded their ballista, awaited their turn to have their arrow lit and fired it across the moat. 

There were several good shots, including a couple that almost made it over the moat and onto the top of the opposite bank. However, this did mean widening our search area when conducting our litter sweep! With only a little bit more practice, they could mount an effective castle siege! 

Building ballistae
Lighting the arrows