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Frostbite camp 2018

posted 6 Jan 2019, 07:13 by Zak Warren   [ updated 6 Jan 2019, 07:16 ]
We returned to Graffham in the South Downs for our annual Frostbite Camp. This year was much milder than last year with temperatures well above zero. However, to balance things out, it was raining heavily when we arrived. We were undeterred and hurriedly pitched our mess tent, huddling inside to keep our kit dry and our lunch warm. 

Using some of our Scouting ingenuity, we stretched out the door as a porch and extended it with a tarp. This gave us a wider working space, allowing the Scouts to pitch their hike tents undercover and to keep the insides dry until the flysheet was on and ready. They then ran their pre-pitched tent out to their chosen plot and pegged it in. 

It was then to digging the fire pits, gathering wood, and starting our fires. Once all the fires were going and we had plenty of embers, we could cook our dinner. During this time, we learnt knife, axe, and saw skills, as well as the importance of preparation before using a striker to start a fire. It might be the fun bit but, without plenty of wood, the fire soon went out! 

All too soon it was time to go home. Despite it being only two days, we managed to pack in plenty of fun and adventure!