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Gliding 2016

posted 4 Jun 2016, 12:26 by Zak Warren   [ updated 10 Dec 2016, 06:12 ]
Looking forward to launch
With the parachute adjusted to fit, the seat harness secure and the woggles hoisted up, the canopy was lowered and locked in place. The instructor happily reassured the nervous Scout in the front seat, informing them that he had spent hundreds of hours flying and hadn't crashed once. The ground crew connected the winch cable to the fuselage and, with an audible gulp from the Scout, the winch rapidly pulled the glider into the air like a kite. After reaching around one thousand feet, the cable disconnected with an audible clunk and the glider was set free to silently soar over Lee-on-Solent. 

Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre had, once again, kindly invited Ellen MacArthur Troop to visit Daedalus airfield and go flying in their gliders. This was a brilliant opportunity for the Scouts to have an adventure they'd never experienced before. Many of them even had the chance to take the controls of the glider and learn a few maneuvers! Not only that, but the Scouts got to achieve their Air Activities badge in a unique way. Even the couple of Air Scout Troops we've met at county events throughout the year haven't had the chance to go flying!