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HSX talk

posted 28 Nov 2015, 03:33 by Zak Warren
HSX showing off their gear
Ollie and Matt from Hampshire Scout Expeditions (HSX) gave us a fascinating talk about their upcoming adventure in Antarctica, expedition planning and survival. 

First we were given a brief introduction to what HSX is and what they do. Then they gave a detailed presentation on the expedition to Antarctica in 2018 to be undertaken by six Leaders. It was really interesting to learn all about their training, equipment, planning and the strict environmental rules associated with travelling to the Antarctic. We even got to try out some of the kit they brought along!

The Scouts were very interested in all the survival skills and kit required as well as what living on the ice would be like for the team. As usual, the Scouts interrogated our guests with a range of questions on everything to do with Antarctica and their preparations. Fortunately Ollie and Matt are very knowledgeable and patient, so managed to answer all the questions well!

To finish the session, we were given a challenge: a list of all the equipment you could feasibly take on a polar expedition that had to be whittled down to just six items each. All the teams gave thoughtful answers and were informed that they'd all survived their imaginary trip to the pole!

We're looking forward to hearing how the HSX team gets on with their adventure.

HSX talk
HSX passing round their gear

Trying out for the trip to Antarctica