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Leaping for leap day 2016

posted 4 Mar 2016, 12:45 by Zak Warren   [ updated 10 Dec 2016, 06:03 ]
To celebrate the leap day in 2016, Ellen MacArthur Troop visited Flip Out to leap as much as we could. 

Leaping into the pit
As a leap year is only every fourth year, young people only experience one in each of the sections. When the next leap year arrives in 2020, all the current Scouts will be in Explorers! 

There was a lot of excitement as we were issued our special Flip Out socks and then ushered into the waiting area. Here we were shown a video about taking part in trampolining at Flip Out.  

Once that was complete, we were released into the main hall. This was filled with all sorts of different shaped and sized trampolines. All the Scouts (and even certain Leaders) had great fun bouncing off all the floors and walls. There was also several impressive jumps into the foam pit and numerous points scored at the basketball net. 

It wasn't long before the final whistle was blown, calling us off the trampolines. However, there was one more treat in store for the Scouts. Once a week the foam pit is emptied so the staff can collect any lost items from the bottom. Several Scouts were fortunate enough to be asked to help throw all the foam blocks out of the pit. They easily cleared it in record time but, unfortunately, they didn't find any treasure! 

Jumping into the foam pit