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Summer camp 2016 Pangbourne

posted 6 Aug 2016, 09:50 by Zak Warren   [ updated 21 Sep 2016, 10:12 ]
They found the next part of the map
Ellen MacArthur Troop's summer camp in 2016 was better than ever with lots of boating, a pirate treasure hunt and the "Hungry Games"! 

We all arrived ready and eager to begin our adventures. Unfortunately the van with all the tents and other equipment had broken down, so we had a long wait for it to be repaired and then finish the trip to our campsite. Meanwhile we took the opportunity to explore the woods with a few wide games and take to the water in the kayaks. Once the van arrived, we didn't waste any time getting the site up and running. 

We managed to get afloat everyday and played lots of games, including a series of races for our Camp Olympics. One night, after the sun had set, we took to the water to play a game in the dark. This involved lots of head torches and glow sticks! 

Hiking into the woods
There were also plenty of activities on land, such as hikes (including a night hike), learning to use knives, saws and axes safely, cooking on fires and building camp gadgets. One morning we played the "Hungry Games". In their patrols, the Scouts hiked from the campsite around the woods, stopping at a series of bases. At each base they had to successfully solve a puzzle to receive a token. At the end of the hike they could redeem these tokens for ingredients, which they used to make their lunches. 

Half way through the week we journeyed to Pangbourne, the nearest town, by boat. After paddling and rowing the couple of miles there, the Scouts went into town to stock up on sweets. Here we waved goodbye to the Patrol Leaders in their canoes, who were heading further upriver to Goring as part of the traditional PL expedition. The rest of us returned to camp and cooking on open fires. 

The journey commences
The next day was our pirate themed day. After hoisting the Jolly Roger, dressed in our finest pirate outfits, we discovered a message in a bottle. This lead the two hearty crews on a quest to find the lost treasure. Rowing downriver and impressing the other people on the river, the Scouts found a series of clues, riddles and maps that led them to the secret pirate cove and the treasure. The patrol leaders returned just in time for a pirate battle: a big water fight on the river. To end the day we had a wide game in the woods, where the patrols had to try to steal the other teams' treasure hoards. 

On the last day, after packing away most of the site and spending more time on (and in) the water, we had a traditional campfire. There were plenty of good songs and sketches to celebrate the week and the adventures we'd experienced. All too soon it came to an end. Even though everyone was tired out, the Scouts left looking forward to the next adventure-filled camp! 

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