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Summer camp 2018

posted 2 Oct 2018, 12:15 by Zak Warren
We returned to one of our favourite campsites near Pangbourne-on-Thames for another adventure-filled week. Due to popular demand, this camp had a Harry Potter theme! On arrival, the Scouts burst free from the minibus and joined the leaders in the marquee. Here they took it in turns to wear the sorting hat to be placed into their patrols. As we had three patrols, each one was a school: Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and Hogwarts. 

Each day saw us on the water, hiking through the forbidden forest, taking part in wide games, and cooking for our patrols. However, we also had several special events! 

Monday was the day of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, a series of three competitions between the three patrols. First was "The Dragon and The Egg". Each patrol picked two names out of the sorting hat, which named their dragons! These were two leaders who had to defend their kinder eggs from the patrol, all in kayaks. Second was the "Royal River Relay", where each patrol had to cross the river by stand-up paddle board. However, only two could be on the board at once; one standing and the other paddling with their hands. Finally, we had "The Maze", which took the form of a hike through the woods following a series of clues, riddles, and puzzles. 

Tuesday saw the patrol leaders set out on their expedition. They packed the hike tents, food, trangias, and other stuff they'd need for a night away from the main site into dry bags then loaded up the gig. Soon they were off upriver. The rest of us took the opportunity to learn about lighting fires and using knives, axes and saws. We then had a go at backwoods cooking. While the PLs rowed back on Wednesday, the rest of us set off on a challenging hike through the woods, over fields and around livestock. 

On Thursday, we all clambered aboard the gig and the coypus and rowed up to Pangbourne (or Hogsmeade as it had become known!). Once there, the Scouts were free to explore the little town and spend their pocket money in the local shops. With bags and pockets full (mainly with sweets), we gathered on the riverside and had our fish and chip dinner watching the boaters and ducks drift past. Back at camp, we then celebrated the week with our traditional campfire. There were many songs and sketches, some old favourites and some were new tales. 

Friday was the day of the Quidditch cup. Each patrol took to their kayaks and vied to get the quaffle into their goal, while navigating bludgers and keeping their eyes peeled for the golden snitch. After a thrilling final, we gathered round the fire for grand barbecue feast. 

The last day arrived all too soon and there was much disappointment at having to leave. This camp had quickly become know as the best camp ever!