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Survival camp 2018

posted 9 Jun 2018, 11:27 by Zak Warren
We joined forces with 2nd Fareham Sea Scouts to learn about surviving in the wilderness. On arrival at Everett’s Copse, the Scouts had to think through the most important things they needed. Water, food, fire, and were all good suggestions. Though we could probably still live without Wi-Fi!

We then worked through the list over the course of the weekend. First Ben gave us a very informative talk on using knives, axes and saws, which we put into practice when whittling some sticks. Then we moved onto lighting fires, which proved tricky as everything was so wet. The Scouts had several successes, but struggled to keep it alight for long. In the end, with hunger building, the leaders showed the Scouts how it’s done by building up a fire ready for cooking on.

Next we moved onto building shelters. Some went it alone; others teamed up and pooled resources. We had lots of hammocks, bivvies and even a good attempt at a bivouac built of natural resources.

Over the rest of the weekend, the Scouts had a go at different methods of purifying water, signalling for help and cooking their food with limited utensils. 

A big congratulations to Elvin, a leader at 2nd Fareham, who achieved his Nights Away permit on this camp! He'll now be able to run his own camping trip with the Scouts. 

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