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Visit to Portchester fire station 2016

posted 23 Mar 2016, 13:40 by Zak Warren   [ updated 10 Dec 2016, 06:09 ]
Ellen MacArthur Troop visited Portchester fire station for a fascinating evening of demonstrations and discussions. 

Finding out about the kit
We were given an interesting talk about fire safety, what to do in an emergency and the importance of having a plan. We then learnt about the life of a fire fighter and one of the Scouts got to try on the fire resistant clothing. Then a certain Leader got to wear the breathing apparatus and carry the associated gas canister. A highlight of the talk included trying out the infrared camera, which would be very useful when playing wide games! 

After the talk we went into the garage and invested two new Scouts behind the fire engine. This is certainly another unique investiture! 

Finally we split into smaller groups and were given a tour of the fire engine. Here we learnt about the range of equipment the fire fighters have to help them in saving lives, both in fires and road traffic incidents. We even had the chance to sit in the drivers seat!