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Parts of the Boat

Avast me hearties! An important part of boating is knowing the parts that make up your boat. This isn't just nice-to-know information, it makes up a fundamental part of communicating when afloat. You may want someone to do something in relation to a part of the boat (e.g. move to the bow, unship crutches, keep an eye on your rudder, etc.), or inform someone as to a problem with part of the boat, or tell the Leaders if you think it needs some maintenance. It's much quicker to say "secure that painter" than "take the rope attached to the ring at the front of the boat and tie it to the ring on shore". 

Pulling Boat 

Parts of the Boat (Pulling)


Parts of the Boat (Kayak)


Parts of the Boat (Canoe)

Sailing Boat 

Parts of the Boat (Sailing)