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This page contains the uniform diagrams for all the Sections contained within 3rd Portchester Scout Group. While there are many fundamental similarities between the uniforms, there are some differences between them. Follow the link to your Section to find out where the badges go on your uniform. 
We provide neckerchiefs, but we ask that you purchase the shirt or jumper. You can find these on the official Scout shop

You can also purchase T-shirts, hoodies, and bags for activities, though you don't require them for uniform, on the web store: 3rd Portchester Clothing

3rd Portchester Neckerchief
One of the most famous symbols of Scouting is the neckerchief. Each Scout Group has their own unique colour scheme and some also have a badge on the back. This is particularly useful when attending events with multiple Scout Groups as Leaders can easily see where their Scouts are, and Scouts can easily see where their Leaders are. It's also useful to see, at a glance, which Groups are attending. 3rd Portchester's Neckerchief is purple and has a badge depicting Portchester Castle on the back. 

Beavers LogoThe Beaver Uniform 
Beaver Uniform

Cubs Logo
The Cub Uniform 
Cub Uniform

Scouts Logo
The Land Scout Uniform 
Land Scout Uniform

Scouts Logo
The Sea Scout Uniform 
Sea Scout Uniform

Explorers Logo
The Explorer Uniform 

Explorer Uniform
*Note that Royal Navy (RN) Recognised Sea Explorers are permitted to wear the RN Recognition Badge, which goes above the left pocket and below the Joining In Awards (as in the Sea Scout Uniform diagram above).